Help Ukraine 22 Effort Launched

Help Ukraine 22 Effort Launched

Help Ukraine 22 Effort Provides Rescue, Relief and Resupply of Humanitarian and Medical Aid.

(Ukraine) – In the early morning hours of February 24, 2022, Vladimir Putin began an unprovoked, military invasion of Ukraine. This war has already resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians and more than 1.5 million persons have been forced to flee their homes (according to the United Nations). Ukraine is also facing a crisis of Internally Displaced Persons, people who have fled their homes to find safety to western Ukraine. Families have been torn apart, children have been killed, and countless lives have been destroyed. As the war continues with no end in sight, a team of former American government officials and regional experts have taken immediate action to help the Ukrainian people.

The project “Help Ukraine 22” («Операція Паляниця» in Ukrainian”) is a humanitarian assistance and evacuation effort aimed at helping the Ukrainian people during the war. The mission of Help Ukraine 22 is 1) rescue, 2) relief, and 3) resupply. Our strategy is to develop and execute quick-reaction and immediate impact humanitarian solutions in Ukraine. We act as a force-multiplier and catalyst to accelerate existing and create novel Ukrainian relief efforts. We move quickly and focus on high-impact and leverageable financial and operational support. Examples of our work:

Rescue: Evacuation support from active conflict areas (e.g. Kyiv/Kharkiv) with including shelter and food as they transit to western Ukraine or beyond.
Relief: Funding existing and vetted local, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and making direct contributions to provide aid and shelter.
Relief: Leverage a global team of medical professionals to provide free telemedicine to Ukrainians in urgent need of assistance
Resupply: Work with partners to help to source and distribute critical medical supplies directly to healthcare workers in Ukraine

Help Ukraine 22 has already successfully organized 20+ complex, high-risk area evacuations of Ukrainian citizens and residents from the most dangerous conflict locations. The evacuations are continuing as the conflict intensifies. Evacuations are conducted by trained and experienced security professionals and former government officials with extensive experience in conflict zones.

With large cities including Kharkiv, Mariupol, and the capital of Kyiv under siege, supplies of key medicines are lacking. That is why Help Ukraine 22 is partnering with leading Ukrainian NGOs, as well as Polish relief organizations to get urgently needed medical supplies and humanitarian assistance to those most affected by the war. Working with the Association of Charities of Ukraine, we have a vetted network of trusted implementors and providers who can reliably deliver assistance. Meanwhile medical supply deliveries into Ukraine are already taking place and will be multiplied in the coming days and weeks. Medical supplies range from first aid treatments, antibiotics, over the counter medications and life-saving medicines for those with chronic conditions.

Another key focus of Help Ukraine 22 is providing free, online medicals consultations and telemedicine to Ukrainians who have urgent need for medical advice from a doctor. With a network of more than 250 of Ukraine’s top medical experts with specializations ranging from trauma, pediatrics, cardiology, rheumatology, infectious diseases, therapy, rehabilitation and others, Ukrainians can get immediate and free medical assistance online or through their mobile phones. This network of volunteer doctors are fluent in Ukrainian and Russian languages and have already provided more than hundreds of consultations since the start of the war.

Why we are different? We field a team of former US government officials, humanitarian assistance advisers, medical professionals, and Ukraine experts. The team has extensive experience in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, with a track record of getting results in dangerous situations. The group has extensive, on the ground experience working in Ukraine and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing events and redeploy decisively. Now this network of volunteers is saving lives and assisting the needy in Ukraine.

Help Ukraine 22 needs money for ongoing rescue, relief, and resupply of humanitarian aid for Ukrainians, and your contribution will go directly to these efforts. This money will make a tangible difference in providing rescue, relief, and resupply of humanitarian and medical aid to those in urgent need. Donations can be made online here. The budget expenditures will be spent on:

Rescues/Evacuations – estimated evacuation missions that could be completed 50
Relief & Shelter – lodging/shelter in Western Ukraine & the EU + online medical consultations
Resupply of humanitarian & medical aid in partnership with vetted Ukrainian NGOs & charities

The project is a humanitarian relief effort administered by The Committee for Open Democracy (COD), a US-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization of the Internal Revenue Code (EIN-27-3930552). Your contribution is tax deduction to the extent allowed by law. No goods or services are provided in exchange for financial donations.

21 April 2022
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