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HU22 is focused on filling gaps in humanitarian aid through, fast action and direct targeting. We don’t build bureaucracies or brands. Instead, we combine international expertise, Ukrainian grassroots leadership, innovation and technology to get the job done in the rapidly and in the most effective manner possible.

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Who We Help

Wars and conflicts always have the harshest effect on the most vulnerable including women, children, the elderly and the disabled. That is why those are the people we are focusing on for assistance as they flee conflict to seek security and relief.


Conflict exposes women and girls to increased risk of trafficking and gender based violence.


Conflict challenges all family structures leaving children disproportionately affected.

Women With Children

This is the most vulnerable group in any conflict scenario, given limitations in mobility, access to funding, and exposure to violence.

The Elderly

Many elderly people are unable or unwilling to flee. We provide a steady supply of food, someone to talk to, and medical help.

Special Needs

People with a physical or mental handicap are at extreme risk and they often require additional assistance with transportation and medicine.


NGOs & Medical Institutions Supported

4200 +




$ 1431540

Value of Aid Provided

How it Works

Support is provided both financially and in humanitarian and medical supplies. Having a presence in the US, EU, and Ukraine gives us both fiscal and supply flexibility. We have reliable partners for fund distribution and a safe yet agile supply chain.

With funding primarily from North America, we transport supplies through Europe for delivery into Ukraine.

Our Mission

HelpUkraine22 exists to fill the humanitarian aid gap inside Ukraine and meet the needs of the most vulnerable people as fast, securely and as directly as possible.


Team Expertise


We have an average of 20+ years experience working in Ukraine with backgrounds in human rights, business, charity, & government.


As an American initiative with Ukraine experience, we have diverse and deep geopolitical, NGO, and business relationships.


We have the ability to rapidly respond to changing events.


Our team is fluent in local languages.


Our team members were displaced too. We are 100% dedicated to helping Ukraine now & rebuilding after the war.

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